Social Action


Tikkun Olam means to repair the world through social action. Though we can never make the world completely whole, we are involved in many kinds of social action. Our programs benefit food pantries and homeless and lonely residents of Wausau. Mt. Sinai is also part of a coalition of Wausau congregations engaged in  community building. We invite our members to join in these acts of Tikkun Olam. By reaching out to people in need, we not only help to repair the world, but also strengthen our Jewish identity and provide an important example of our values for our children.

Projects Include:

High Holiday Food Pantry Campaign

    • Members are invited to bring a bag of non-perishable food with them to High Holiday services. The food will be donated to area pantries.


    • NAOMI is a Marathon County congregational coalition that has come together to do community based organizing. NAOMI is currently working on public policy issues in transit, dental access, family health, and Treatment instead of Prison. NAOMI has had a number of successes, including addressing addiction and mental health issues through treatment rather than prison. To become involved in Mt. Sinai’s NAOMI team please contact Linda Glazner at

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