Hanukkah, meaning “dedication” in Hebrew, refers to the joyous eight-day celebration during which Jews commemorate the victory of the Macabees over the armies of Syria in 165 B.C.E. and the subsequent liberation and “re-dedication” of the Temple in Jerusalem. The modern home celebration of Hanukkah centers around the lighting of the chanukiah, a special menorah for Hanukkah; unique foods, latkes and jelly doughnuts; and special songs and games.

Hanukkah at Mt Sinai

Hanukkah at Mt Sinai is celebrated in a number of ways. At the Shabbat service that falls during Hanukkah, we light the hanukiah and sing lots of holiday songs. We also have a Latke lunch on the Sunday of Hanukkah, with dreidels, singing and cookie decorating. It’s a time when people come out from all over our region.



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