“Not by Might, Not by Power, but by My Spirit,

Sayeth the Lord of Hosts.”

(Zechariah 4:6)


A Time for Dedication and Celebration

This passage from Zechariah is read during the Festival of Chanukah.  In the Jewish tradition, Chanukah celebrates the rededication of sacred space that was once defiled because of idolatry.  It is a triumph of the human spirit and the freedom to worship that makes Chanukah such a special time of year.

At Mt. Sinai, Chanukah is a festive occasion.  Everyone gathers on the Sabbath of Chanukah, each bringing a Menorah (Chanukiyah) and amidst the glow of all our candles, our Evening Sabbath Service begins and we worship in the symbolism of light.  On the Sunday of Chanukah, our children attend religious school for a shortened session, as adults work in the kitchen making latkes and other traditional Jewish food to serve in our auditorium for a delicious lunch.  It is a time for joy where games of dreidel, arts and crafts, and Chanukah Trivia is enjoyed, along with each other’s company.

To read more about Hanukkah is at the URJ Website:

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