Our Leadership

Our dedicated Officers and Board of Directors serve to sustain and to grow a vibrant Jewish presence in Central Wisconsin.  They volunteer their time, energy, and resources to fulfill the beautiful language of Torah, wherein the Divine presence proclaims, “Let them make unto Me a sanctuary so that I may dwell among them.”  While our physical home is beautiful, more importantly it is filled with learning, prayer, and acts of loving-kindness, so that all of us can experience the richness of our faith.  This is largely due to the efforts of those below:


Our officers are:

Jenny Gordon                     President
Barbara Rothweiler           Past President
Peter Rotter                       Vice-President
Ruth Marx                         Treasurer
Larry Gordon                    Finance Chair
Marsha Stella                   Educational Director

Board of Directors

Trustees with Committee:

Steve Blonsky

Janet Fagan

Marian Greenburg

Shanny Luft

Andy Lynch

Rachel Tate

Trustees without Committee

Michael Kolasinski

Syd Cohen


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