Reform Judaism

REFORM JUDAISM:  Below is a wonderful link that takes you directly to the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) website.  It is a rich source of Jewish material that covers all aspects of Jewish life.  For example, on its webpage today is a description of Tu Bishvat, the holiday in January that celebrates the New Year for trees.  It is really a celebration of nature and the beauty of creation.

Before clicking on the available link, we would like to offer you our own perspective of what it means to be a Reform Jew today.  It is an ongoing spiritual and intellectual endeavor that engages the mind, the soul, and the body to better not only oneself, but to do tikun olam – the repair of the world through doing mitzvot wherever we may find the need.  This includes our own congregational family, helping one another, our neighbors, community, our country, Israel, and the world at large.  Reform Judaism is a life-long endeavor to create, to sustain, and to grow ourselves and our world.

Many resources are available at  including Jewish Life, Jewish Practice, Leaning, Social Justice and Israel.

Simply click the link and see why we are part of this wonderful movement.