“Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread; there shall be no leavened bread within your borders.  And you shall tell your children on that day, “This is done because of what God for me when I came out of Egypt.  This shall be a sign upon your hand and a remembrance in your mind, that the Torah of God will be in your mouth. ” (Exodus 13: 6-9).



Passover is the most celebrated holiday.  Regardless of religious observance, Jews gather together in the homes of family and friends and celebrate this extraordinary symbol of freedom and commitment to the principle that each human-being has a Divine right to be free.  We open our doors to the stranger and urge them to come and to join us, whether it is simply to share our festive meal or to observe Passover through the ritual of the Seder (the service and meal that is conducted on both the first and second nights of the holiday).


Everyone is welcome to join our Community Seder at Mt Sinai.  In what can only be described as a memorable evening, we tell the story of the Exodus, recite blessings over the wine, the matzah, the bitter herbs, and discuss as a community the Divine pronouncement that all are entitled to freedom. We are commanded to not only tell of the going out of Egypt, but to discuss the meaning of freedom and its condition in our own time.  In every generation, we are to see ourselves as if we were personally part of the redemption from slavery so as to worship God, to study Torah, and to do good works to better our world.

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