Adult Education

Adult Education; a Commitment to Learning About Ourselves and our Faith

At Mt. Sinai Congregation, we seek to better ourselves.  An important component to this a deep commitment to the Maimonidean principle is that knowledge increases our understanding of God, Torah, and our world.

Presently, we offer the following opportunities in adult learning:

Lunch Bunch 

This gathering takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12:00 pm at the synagogue.  Attendees bring their own lunch and together we engage in learning.  Currently, we are looking at the history of Israel, from the time of Herzl to the present.  We are reading Theodore Herzl’s “The Jewish State” in which he sets-forth the basic ideas of why such a state is necessary, what it would mean for both the Jewish people and the world, and how this is to be accomplished.  We also look at contemporary issues that concern American Jewish life and of course, Israel.


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