Chesed (Loving Kindness)

Chesed translates as compassion; our Mitzvah Committee is dedicated to helping during times of need. The committee provides rides to services and events, organizes minyanim for funerals and shiva services, and supports acts of bikur cholim, visiting and providing for people who are ill.



If you would like a ride to a Mt. Sinai service or program please contact us at and we will contact our Mitzvah Committee.  We cannot guarantee that we can always find a ride, but we will do our best to try and provide one.

Funeral and Shiva Minion

Our Mitzvah Committee works with families to ensure that there is a minyan available for funeral services and shiva. If you would like to be on our list of people who make themselves available, please contact our Mitzvah Committee chair, Deborah Ginsburg (715-842-4759).

Bikur Cholim

If you are in the hospital and would like a visit from someone on our Pastoral Care Team, please contact Marian Greenburg (715-389-8066) or Mike Kolasinski ( 715-573-5094).


Our Mitzvah Committee also tries to provide meals for members during their recovery. If you are able to help the committee provide a meal please contact us ( or 715-675-2560.

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