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Yom Sheini, 13 Heshvan 5779

Shabbat at Mt Sinai

We have a wide variety of Shabbat experiences, serving the full range of our congregation. Our Shabbats include Friday evening services, Shabbat morning Torah study, family services, and home Shabbats in Stevens Point and Marshfield. Usually there is one service a Shabbat and it is important to check our schedule to see which service is scheduled for a particular Shabbat. 

Friday Night Services at Mt. Sinai. Our Friday evening services begin at 7:30 and are led by Rabbi Dan and our cantorial soloist, Melanie Kuolt. The service includes a D'var Torah – a teaching from the week's Torah portion or Jewish perspectives on current events and culture. There is also a Torah reading.

Shabbat Morning Torah Study at Mt. Sinai. Saturday mornings from 10 am until noon, once a month. We begin our morning with a brief service and Torah reading. Following services, we gather in the kitchen for a bagel and lox kiddish, and then move on to a relaxed and lively discussion of the parasha (Torah portion) led by Rabbi Dan. 

Family Services. 5774 (2013-14). We have six family services this year, two in Wausau and four in Stevens Point. 

Wausau Services:  A Sukkot service and potluck on Saturday, September 21, at 5:00 pm and a Shabbat service and potluck on Saturday January 18, also at 5 pm. There is no religious school on either of these weekends.  

Stevens Point Family  Shabbats: We will be holding four Shabbat morning family services in Stevens Point.  The services are informal, lively, and kid friendly, and are followed by a pot luck brunch. After logging into the wesiste, members can find out where it is being held at: Home Service Schedule. If you are not a member, please call the synagogue for more information 715-675-2560.  

Home Shabbats. These are home based Shabbat evenings where we gather at congregational homes for a pot luck and Shabbat service. We gather three times a year in Marshfield and four times in Stevens Point and the evening begins at 6:15 with kiddish, Shabbat pot-luck dinner, and then services. After logging into the website, members can find out where it is being held at: Home Service Schedule. If you are not a member, please call the synagogue for more information 715-675-2560.

Most summers we also have a Shabbat morning service, Torah study, and pot luck lunch in Minocqua.

Rosh HaShannah, Yom Kippur are celebrated on the holiday.

Holiday Shabbatot. Due to our great geographic range we celebrate the holidays on the nearest Shabbat (Sukkot and Simchat Torah) or Sunday (Purim).

2013-2014 Mt. Sinai Shabbat Schedule


18 Little Things You Can Do For Shabbat

in Shabbat
1. Invite friends.2. Ask guests to prepare a Shabbat blessing, song, or story3. Set a special table for Shabbat dinner.4. Use a special tablecloth.5. Arrange fresh flowers in your home.6. Polish the silver.7. Pour a nice wine.8. Bake or buy a challah.9. Give…