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Yom Sheini, 6 Shevat 5778

Jerusalem Post
  1. Caught in the Syrian quagmire

    The US and Russia, two world super-powers, and Turkey and Iran, the two regional Islamic powers, are locked into a deadly confrontation with no political issue in sight.
  2. How could EU retaliate if Trump quit Iran deal?

    Two key Obama administration officials emphasized the pitfalls of the US president’s approach.
  3. Does US Vice President Pence pass Israel's 'kishka test'?

    Remember the kishka test? This was a question Jews and Israelis struggled with for years under former president Barack Obama.
  4. Official: Abbas to ask EU to help create alternative to US-led peace process

    “I don’t think the Europeans believe that much of anything will come out of Trump’s peace plan.”
  5. Pence to shun Israeli opposition during visit

    Meretz leadership candidate Tamar Zandberg complained Sunday that “there is no opposition in the State of Israel.”