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Yom Sheini, 13 Heshvan 5779

Jerusalem Post
  1. Russia supports Syria, Iran ramps up support to Hezbollah

    "If Hezbollah succeeds in converting these missiles, the new situation would represent a significant risk to Israeli airports, power stations, the Dimona nuclear reactor, and more."
  2. Saudi Arabia: Khashoggi killing 'grave mistake,' crown prince not aware

    For Saudi Arabia's allies - particularly in the West - the question will be whether they believe that the prince, who has painted himself as a reformer, has any culpability.
  3. Liberman: US sanctions will reduce Iran’s terror financing

    Former National Security Council Chief Yaakov Amidror says Russia will be embarrassed when IDF overcomes S-300 in Syria.
  4. Israel's Attorney-General behind Khan al-Ahmar demolition delay

    Liberman explained that Mandelblit had told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that it was legally important to make one more attempt to negotiate with the 180 residents of Khan al-Ahmar.
  5. Jordan terminating peace treaty annexes start of a process, not the end

    Just as the peace treaty stipulates that one side can announce that it wants to opt out of the annexes, the agreement also stipulated that when it does so, the two countries will open consultations.