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Yom Rishon, 7 Iyyar 5778

Jerusalem Post
  1. Liberman: Those who threaten Israel will pay a high price

    "We have established here a state and the IDF specifically to prevent these threats, and those who threaten need to understand there is a price to be paid, and they will pay a full price," he said.
  2. Is social-media maneuvering against pro-Israel and conservative sites?

    Facebook stymied even the “Mossad.”
  3. Merkel: ‘Refugees bring a new type of antisemitism to Germany’

    Chancellor ‘embarrassed’ Jewish institutions in Germany need security in 2018
  4. Hundreds attend Zionist Union rally in support of Supreme Court

    Labor leader Gabbay: Current government is attempting "to destroy" Israel's democracy.
  5. State Dept. drops 'occupied' reference to Palestinian territories in report

    US Ambassador to Israel Friedman reportedly directed the State Department to stop using the term.